Pharmaceutical Injection

Pharmaceutical Injections are suited for the continuous drug administration. They have been made to be free slowly and make long-lasting effects. Also, these are needed to treat pneumonia, abdominal infections, skin infections and other gynecological problems. Pharmaceutical Injections work as the antibacterial drugs which treat the infections of skin and lower respiratory tract. Also, these can deal with the urinary tract infections, bone and joint infections, bacterial septicemia, pelvic inflammatory disease, and meningitis. They are given for a quick dispersion of medicines. Patients should be treated with these only after the doctors prescription.

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Bactozone 500 Injection

Price: 43.9 INR/Box

Ceftriaxone-500 Mg

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Bactocillin Tz Injection

Price: 490.00 INR/Box

Piperacillin 4 Gm, Tazobactam 0.5 Gm

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Ondastac Injection

Price: 13.00 INR/Box

Ondansetrone-2 Mg / 1ML

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Spyvit M Injection

Price: 50.00 INR/Box

Methylecobalamine 1500 Mcg

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Bactozone 250 Injection

Price: 43.9 INR/Box

Ceftriaxone-250 Mg

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Rabestric Injection

Price: 250 INR/Box

Rabeprazole 20 Mg

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Plasmother Injection

Price: 99.00 INR/Box

- Arteether

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Bactozone 1Gm Injection

Price: 60.20 INR/Box

Ceftriaxone-1000 Mg

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Bactozone Sb 1.5 Injection

Price: 150.00 INR/Box

Ceftriaxone 1000 Mg, Sulbactum 500 Mg

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Pantostric 40 Injection

Price: 48.79 INR/Box

Pantoprazole-40 Mg

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Aquadac Aq Injection

Price: 20.00 INR/Box

Diclofenac 75 Mg / 1 ML


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